Kalen Fraser, Founder of Labor Brain

“Labor Brain was created to give good employers peace of mind and access to clear information.

Kalen Fraser, Founder

Experience and insight you can trust

I founded Labor Brain after working for several years as a federal investigator with the US Department of Labor (DOL), Wage and Hour Division where I gained invaluable knowledge and insight about labor law enforcement.

My job as an investigator was to visit businesses and determine whether they were complying with federal labor laws and, if not, assess back wages, damages, and fines. I conducted audits on many large and small companies in all types of industries with a special focus on agricultural employers and employers participating in the H2A and H2B guestworker programs.

The principal lesson learned from my time with the federal government is that the majority of employers want to do the right thing, pay their employees fairly for the work they perform, and comply with the law. However, in today’s age of detailed rules and ever-changing interpretations I recognize this is a tall order for even the most organized and informed employer. And non-compliance can result in real consequences.

Labor Brain was created to give good employers peace of mind and access to clear information. Our consulting services and proprietary H Brain™ video training were developed with employers’ needs in mind. Let us help you be in compliance and keep your employees safe and secure in their jobs. I invite you to review our services, determine how we can help, and contact us today.

We are very thankful for the Labor Brain.
Kalen has been very informative to help explain each step of the H2A investigation process as well as how to better move forward with our agricultural workers within the H2A program. We are so thankful she was recommended to us and couldn’t recommend the services of the Labor Brain enough.
H2A Employer
We are so grateful for the help we received from the Labor Brain.
Kalen Fraser’s expertise and professionalism helped us pull together all necessary documentation needed to explain our situation for a governmental audit. Would highly recommend Kalen.
H2B Employer
Labor Brain is my first call when I need clarification.
I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from Labor Brain. Kalen has a deep understanding of FLC/FLCE, migrant, and foreign labor wage and hour regulations. She has done a great job communicating with me through the very complex process of FLC, H2A and migrant labor. Very precise and quick responses. Kalen truly cares about her clients.
H2A & MSPA Employer Client
Without reservation, I recommend Labor Brain.
Kalen's knowledge was beyond the knowledge of our investigator, which saved us thousands of dollars. She was incredibly responsive to every question I had throughout the entire investigation.
H2A Employer Client
I give Kalen and the Labor Brain my highest recommendation.
Kalen provided excellent and professional service in helping my company through an H2 labor investigation. She was very prompt and accessible through the entire process. Her knowledge and insight guided us through the investigation and was invaluable.
H2A Employer Client
Kalen’s industry knowledge has been a valuable tool in our company’s success…
She partners with us on many different licenses and keeps our applications organized and on time. If she doesn't know the answer to our questions, she is always quick and thorough finding a solution for us.
H2A & MSPA Employer Client