Wage & Hour Audit Assistance

Helping employers navigate government investigations.

Possibly our favorite service – helping employers when they are audited or investigated by the government. We speak both languages, employer and investigator, and because of that we excel at communicating with both sides throughout the process. We participate in initial and final conferences so that employers can understand exactly what is going on. We review back wage calculations for errors, answer employer and investigator questions, and help the employer determine what amounts are reasonable for back wages and fines. We put everyone at ease and reduce the tension in the room or on the call. Investigators appreciate our participation in the process and employers respect us for communicating with them clearly about what needs improvement.

If you are being investigated, please Contact Us to see if we can help. While it’s best to engage early, we can help at any stage of the investigation or during post-investigation negotiations.

H Brain™ Training

On-demand video training for H2A & H2B employers.

Worried you may be doing something wrong? Stop stressing and start learning with H2A & H2B on-demand video training. H Brain™ Training helps employers stay informed about their obligations while participating in the H2A or H2B program. With this series, you get access to online videos to watch whenever and wherever is most convenient. Also included are a bonus video about how to prepare for a Department of Labor Investigation and a curated list of Useful Resources specific to your program. Learn more about how this series will help you stay compliant and stress-free.

Internal Compliance Audits

A pro-active and cost-effective approach to compliance.

Don’t wait until the government calls to get your house in order! It’s not easy for employers to stay compliant with everything they have going on, but by working with a labor compliance expert, you can avoid wasting time and money. Labor investigations can lead to back wages, fines, and even debarment from some programs which is why internal compliance audits make sense. The audits are conducted efficiently and effectively, showing you what needs to change to reduce liability and giving you peace of mind.

Contact Us to help you determine if an internal audit would be beneficial to your business.

Compliance Monitoring

An experienced 3rd party for government mandated monitoring.

As part of the settlement of some US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD) investigations the agency requires that employers sign an “Enhanced Compliance Agreement”. These agreements usually contain a requirement to hire a 3rd party individual to monitor the employer’s labor practices for a defined period of time and to report back to the WHD. They often require that the monitor conduct interviews of employees, review payroll and time records and determine whether the employer has come into full compliance. Kalen Fraser has served as a 3rd party monitor with great success. Because of her previous WHD experience, fluency in Spanish, and ability to quickly review records and make accurate determinations on compliance, both employers and the government have been pleased with the results.

The WHD has allowed Labor Brain to perform this work via telephone and video conferencing because of our work quality and integrity during the process. We protect the confidentiality of all employees and communicate clearly and consistently with the employer and the WHD.

Contact Us to discuss your monitoring agreement with WHD and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Farm Labor Contractor FLC/FLCE Card Assistance

Answers to your FLC registration questions and thorough review of final packets.

Are you a Farm Labor Contractor who needs to obtain a Farm Labor Contractor (FLC) or Farm Labor Contractor Employee (FLCE) card for yourself or your employees? Many employers are confused about the requirements of the Migrant Seasonal Worker Protection Act and the H2A program and why they have to present these FLC cards as part of their H2A application.

Labor Brain has helped countless employers understand their obligations when it comes to FLC cards and how to properly complete the paperwork to receive their cards and keep them renewed to avoid waiting in long processing backlogs.

Even employers who have done the cards for years make mistakes on the applications which can be costly because of time lost. Contact Us to jump start your FLC/FLCE applications and make sure to subscribe to the H Brain video training series to watch the special video on how to fill out these applications error-free.

Question & Answer Retainer

Labor Brain answers when you need them.

Labor Brain offers employers a general service contract to get your questions answered as they come up. With clear and prompt responses your work won’t have to be put on hold. We offer a regular hourly rate in 15-minute increments, saving you time and money while getting you the information you need.

Contact Us to discuss your labor compliance questions.

We are very thankful for the Labor Brain.
Kalen has been very informative to help explain each step of the H2A investigation process as well as how to better move forward with our agricultural workers within the H2A program. We are so thankful she was recommended to us and couldn’t recommend the services of the Labor Brain enough.
H2A Employer
We are so grateful for the help we received from the Labor Brain.
Kalen Fraser’s expertise and professionalism helped us pull together all necessary documentation needed to explain our situation for a governmental audit. Would highly recommend Kalen.
H2B Employer
Labor Brain is my first call when I need clarification.
I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from Labor Brain. Kalen has a deep understanding of FLC/FLCE, migrant, and foreign labor wage and hour regulations. She has done a great job communicating with me through the very complex process of FLC, H2A and migrant labor. Very precise and quick responses. Kalen truly cares about her clients.
H2A & MSPA Employer Client
Without reservation, I recommend Labor Brain.
Kalen's knowledge was beyond the knowledge of our investigator, which saved us thousands of dollars. She was incredibly responsive to every question I had throughout the entire investigation.
H2A Employer Client
I give Kalen and the Labor Brain my highest recommendation.
Kalen provided excellent and professional service in helping my company through an H2 labor investigation. She was very prompt and accessible through the entire process. Her knowledge and insight guided us through the investigation and was invaluable.
H2A Employer Client
Kalen’s industry knowledge has been a valuable tool in our company’s success…
She partners with us on many different licenses and keeps our applications organized and on time. If she doesn't know the answer to our questions, she is always quick and thorough finding a solution for us.
H2A & MSPA Employer Client