Wage and Hour Exposure Analysis

Wage and Hour exposure analysis

Don’t be like this guy.

Labor Brain’s Wage and Hour Exposure Analysis gives a company relief from the stress and anxiety of not knowing if they are in compliance with Wage and Hour rules. With Labor Brain’s expertise it takes just a few hours of your time and you’ll know exactly what you need to fix and how to proceed. Companies may spend thousands of dollars every year on employees and outside advisers without getting the complete and accurate information we can provide for a fraction of the cost.  Consider an Exposure Analysis a small investment in the protection and future of your company.

Labor Brain clients spend an average of 3% of their total liability on their Exposure Analysis. Just 3%!  An agricultural company that would have owed $112,000 as a result of a Wage and Hour investigation spent just $1,800 on their analysis.

An Exposure Analysis includes:

  • Initial 2-4 hour meeting with The Labor Brain
  • Review of payroll and time records
  • Labor Brain Analysis
  • Report which includes:
    • general information about Federal and State Wage and Hour enforcement
    • information specific to your company including possible exemptions
    • current potential problem areas
    • Labor Brain Recommendations
    • estimates of back wages, fines, and penalties that would be assessed in the event of a Federal or State Wage and Hour  audit
  • Final Meeting with The Labor Brain to review findings

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*The Labor Brain does not do analysis of compliance with EEOC, USERRA, OSHA, ERISA,  ADA, Worker’s Comp or Unemployment. 

The Labor Brain Inc. is not a law firm and its employees do not practice law or provide legal services.  The information provided on our website,  in email correspondence with representatives of The Labor Brain, and at outreach events is for informational and educational purposes only.  The information provided is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.