The H Audit

H2B hotel workerH2B landscapersH2A picture field

Labor Brain employees have extensive experience with the H2A and H2B programs. Owner Kalen Fraser was in charge of many “H” investigations during her time as an investigator. She conducted H2A investigations on cattle ranches, sheep ranches, orchards, and sheep shearing companies. She also conducted H2B investigations on landscaping, snow removal and construction companies as well as many hotels and restaurants.

The H programs are known for their red tape and it is rare that an H investigation discloses no violations. To make matters worse the fines (civil money penalties) associated with H programs are very high. Most H2A penalties start between $1,735 and $17,344 per violation which can be assessed on a per employee basis while H2B penalties start at about $6,000 per violation.

The Labor Brain Inc. offers a special service to employers that participate in the H2A and H2B programs – The H Audit.  It consists of the following:

  • Initial 2-3 hour meeting with The Labor Brain
  • Review of H program implementation at the work site, temporary employment certification, prevailing wage determination, advertising and recruiting.
  • Labor Brain Analysis
  • Report which includes:
    • general information about Department of Labor enforcement
    • information specific to your company including exemptions
    • current potential problem areas
    • Labor Brain Recommendations
    • estimates of back wages, fines, and penalties that would be assessed in the event of a Department of Labor investigation
  • Final Meeting with The Labor Brain to review findings

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