Required Posters


Never fear employers! Contrary to the notices you get in the mail from the poster salesmen the government isn’t going to fine you $100,000 for not hanging up an employment poster.

Usually, all of the posters that are required by law can be found online for free at the agency’s website. For example, federal employment posters can be found here and State of Colorado employment posters can be found here. You only have to post the posters that apply to your business so if you don’t have migrant and seasonal workers, you don’t have to post the migrant seasonal worker protection act poster. Got it?

Even though the individual posters are free it’s probably easier (and takes up less space) to buy the all-in-one poster deals. Just make sure that it includes all of the specialty posters that you might be required to post based on your type of business.  And remember that the government wants you to post the posters in a place where workers can SEE it and READ it. So it can’t go behind the door that’s always open. Maybe the inside of the bathroom stall?

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–      By Kalen Fraser

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