Wage and Hour Liability Quiz

 Take just a minute to complete this wage and hour liability quiz. Even the best of employers have compliance issues.  How do you score?

Do you have independent contractors who perform the same job as any of your employees?


Do your employees pay for uniforms, tools or cash register shortages out of their pocket? Or do you deduct any of these things from their pay?


Do you pay a salary to any employees who perform manual labor like data entry, cooking, dish washing or cleaning?


Do you have any salaried employees who are paid less than $35,000 per year?


Do you pay bonuses for safety, attendance, or productivity to non-exempt employees and not include them in the employees’ overtime rates?


Do you have any employees with H2B or H2A visas?


Do you take any partial day deductions from salaried exempt employees (who don’t have PTO) for being late or absent?


Do you take a tip credit on any employees? For example, you pay them $4.98 per hour and they receive tips.


Do you pay employees on a semi-monthly basis (twice per month) and calculate their overtime after 86.67 , 88, or 96 hours in a pay period?


Do you give any employees comp time or banked hours?