About Kalen

The Labor Brain Inc. was started by Kalen Fraser.Kalen Fraser Labor Brain

Kalen worked for several years as a federal investigator with the U.S. Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division. During that time she gained invaluable knowledge and insight about how labor laws are enforced.  Her job as an investigator was to visit businesses and determine whether they were complying with federal labor laws, and, if not, assess back wages, liquidated damages, and fines. She conducted audits on many large and small companies including restaurants, hotels, temp agencies, construction, home health care, oil/gas, manufacturing, landscaping, motor carriers, agricultural companies, public agencies, telemarketing, forestry, security services, sales, and non-profit organizations.

The principal lesson learned from her time with the federal government is that the majority of employers want to do the right thing, pay their employees fairly for the work they perform, and comply with the law. However in today’s age of dense, lengthy, and ever- changing regulations this is a tall order for even the most organized and informed employer.

The Labor Brain Inc. was created to put good employers on a level playing field with the government by giving them knowledge and access to information. Our employer clients want to be in compliance and keep their employees safe and in secure employment.

So please, review the information on our website, get informed, and give us a call.

Prior to working for the US Department of Labor Kalen graduated from Northwestern University and worked for the Peace Corps in Nicaragua as a teacher trainer. She currently lives in central Washington and enjoys living the good life in a small town and spending time with family and friends.